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Hematological and Biochemical Studies for Gasoline Toxicity Among Gasoline Workers In Gaza Strip.
Ismail I. Abdel Aziz, Salam Z. Al Agha, Ossama a. shehwan
Al-Aqsa University Journal (Natural Sciences Series) 10(S.E.). pp.41-58.()
Abdel Aziz	Ismail I.		Salam Zakaria Al Aghashehwan	Ossama a.
Alterations in Weight and Protein Profile, Associated with the Administration of Glibenclamide or Chrozophora tinctoria Extraction in Alloxan-Induced Diabetic Rats
Nehad R. Elyazji, Abdel Rahiem A. Ashour, Ola Serag El Din, Wagid Hilles
Journal of Biological and Chemical Research 33(1). pp.327-343.(2016)
Nehad R. Al YazjiAbd Al Rahiem A. AshourSerag El Din	Ola		Hilles	Wagid
Evaluation of Antimicrobial Activity of Some Medicinal Plant extracts grown on Gaza Strip (Palestine) Against some Bacterial Pathogens
Tarek A. Elbashiti, Mohamad M. Abou Auda, Maysoon B. Abu Batnaiin
Al-Aqsa University Journal (Natural Sciences Series) 20(1). pp.15-31.(2016)
Elbashiti	Tarek A.		Abou Auda	Mohamad M.		Maisun B Abu Batneen
Some Hematological And Biochemical Changes Associated With Aspirin Administration In Albino Rats بعض التغيرات الدموية والبيوكيميائية المصاحبة لإعطاء الأسبرين في الجرذان البيضاء
نهاد اليازجي, اسماعيل عبد العزيز, عبد الرحيم عاشور
Al-Aqsa University Journal (Natural Sciences Series) 19(1). pp.63-76.(2015)
Nehad R. Al Yazjiعبد العزيز	اسماعيل		Abd Al Rahiem A. Ashour