Faculty of Applied Sciences

Dean's Message آخر تحديث 5/29/2023 12:06:41 PM

Our faculty is one of the most significant and prominent faculties at Alaqsa University. It serves as the core and cradle of other bright faculties as from which the faculty of computers and Information and the faculty of Medical Sciences emerged in recent years. The faculty of science is home to professors with a very high level of expertise, experience, and specialty as well as alumni from numerous top colleges around the world. In addition to their outstanding academic accomplishments, faculty members place a strong emphasis on serious scientific research through regional and international research collaborations and the publication of specialized scientific papers in the most renowned local, regional, and global journals. Academic staff members at the faculty are actually known for their collaborative work, sense of teamwork, cooperation, compatibility, and outstanding harmony. The academic staff also works hard to support, educate, enlighten, and inspire students to engage in discussion, dialogue, information exchange, pay attention to scientific research, and strive for knowledge and understanding. This has a big impact on the educational level at the university and on professional skills in the workplace in the future.

Prof.Dr. Ali Hamid Al-Astal

Dean of the Faculty of Applied Sciences