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Department head message آخر تحديث 6/4/2023 1:24:03 PM

Questions like, "What is the benefit of mathematics in our daily life?" and "Why is mathematics studied with such emphasis in the general and university education stages?" ,are frequently asked. Perhaps the most appropriate question is, "What is the field in which mathematics is useless?"

Mathematics is the core of science, both theoretical and  practical. It offers effective methods in the areas of statistics, data, decision-making, issues of increasing profits and reducing  losses, computer fields, programming and coding, and many engineering and medical applications. As a result, the Faculty of Applied Sciences at Al-Aqsa University launched a mathematics program in all of its fields in order to serve the local community and satisfy the demands of the Palestinian labor market. The department awards a bachelor's degree in the following disciplines:

A- Bachelor of Science, Major in Mathematics

B - Bachelor of Education, Major in Mathematics and its teaching methods

C- Bachelor of Education, Major in Teaching Mathematics

The department will also award a master's degree in mathematics, which was recently approved.

Finally, on behalf of all of the department's faculty members, I would like to acknowledge the outstanding work that Prof. Ali H. Al-Astal ,Dean of Faculty, has done. I would also want to extend a warm welcome to all of our new students and we look forward to working together to rediscover the allure of mathematics and its essential place in our lives.

Head of Department of  Mathematics

Dr. Ziyad R. Safi