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Department head message آخر تحديث 5/29/2023 1:29:26 PM

I am glad  to meet you via the online page of the Department of Chemistry at Al-Aqsa University. Actually, I'd want to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to briefly introduce it to you in an attempt to promote and achieve our scientific message on the one hand, and to create channels of communication with regional, Arab, and international  universities on the other.

Indeed, Chemistry studies the natural elements and compounds that make up both living things and non-living things on the earth. The progress of many other sciences and even  humanity as a whole, depends critically on chemistry. Moreover, the underlying reason for man's prosperity in the contemporary era is the growth of chemistry.

The latest developments in the chemicals, pharmaceuticals, electronics, medicine, food and other sectors of chemistry are related to molecular biology and nanomaterials. One of the noteworthy and major departments in the Faculty of Science at Al-Aqsa University is the Department of Chemistry. Its staff is made up of some of the top scientists who are well-versed in science and in a variety of chemistry-related fields. Since the department's foundation, its academic members have conducted outstanding research at the local, regional, and international levels, which has helped Al-Aqsa University-Gaza gain recognition and progress. The department grants bachelor's degrees in both chemistry and chemistry and its teaching methods and it is also eager to confer a master's degree in chemistry that was approved recently.

Prof. Rafat M. Negem

Head of Department of Chemistry