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The Department of Physics was founded at Al-Aqsa University in1991. In collaboration with the Department of Chemistry, it grants a bachelor's degree in education with a double major in Physics and Chemistry. The double major was then modified to a major in physics and a minor in chemistry in the academic year 1997/1996 AD, but currently the department only awards bachelor's degree in physics and in physics and its teaching methods.

The department has undergone substantial changes, as demonstrated by updating study plans and developing laboratories. Regarding updating study plans, it was centered on addressing labor market demands, adopting international standards, and curricula followed by international universities.  Concerning laboratory development, the existing laboratories were built and modernized, and a number of advanced specialty laboratories were developed. 

  The department now has five highly equipped laboratories, three of which are located in the university branch in Gaza and two of which are located in the university branch in Khan Yunis. The major objective of these laboratories is to reinforce theoretical ideas taught in various courses by conducting practical experiments in these laboratories.