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Alterations in Weight and Protein Profile, Associated with the Administration of Glibenclamide or Chrozophora tinctoria Extraction in Alloxan-Induced Diabetic Rats
Nehad R. Elyazji, Abdel Rahiem A. Ashour, Ola Serag El Din, Wagid Hilles
Journal of Biological and Chemical Research 33(1). pp.327-343.(2016)
Nehad R. Al YazjiAbd Al Rahiem A. AshourSerag El Din	Ola		Hilles	Wagid
Determination of haloperidol drug in ampoules and in urine samples using a potentiometric PVC-membrane and graphite coated wire electrodes
Hazem M. Abu Shawish, Hassan Tamous, Asma A. Shaheen, Khaled I. Abed Almonem, Ahmed Awad Elgamel, Wael S. Al-lham
Marmara Pharmaceutical Journal 21(24530). pp.110-120.(2016)
Hazim M. Abu ShawishTamous	Hassan		Shaheen	Asma A.		Almonem	Khaled I. Abed		Elgamel	Ahmed Awad		Al-lham	Wael S.
Electrochemical degradation of linuron in aqueous solution using Pb/PbO2 and C/PbO2 electrodes
Nasser Abu Ghalwa, Mazen Hamada, Hazem M. Abu Shawish, Omar Shubair
Arabian Journal of Chemistry pp.S821-S828.(2016)
Abu Ghalwa	Nasser		Hamada	Mazen		Hazim M. Abu ShawishShubair	Omar
Submicromolar determination of praepagen HY surfactant using new liquid inner contact electrodes
Khalid I. Abed Almonem, Hazem M. Abu Shawish, Abdalla M. Khedr, Salman M. Saadeh, M. Gaber
Journal of Molecular Liquids pp.454-458.(2016)
Almonem	Khalid I. Abed		Hazim M. Abu ShawishKhedr	Abdalla M.		Saadeh	Salman M.		Gaber	M.