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Vision, Mission and Objectives آخر تحديث 6/4/2023 12:05:49 PM

The Department of Biology of The Faculty of Applied Sciences at Al-Aqsa University is one of the oldest departments there, and it is distinguished by having a distinct vision, mission, and objectives that are in line with those of the Faculty as a whole.


Supporting the nation-building process with qualified cadres through exceptional educational programs and preparing outstanding professionals on a cultural, scientific, research, and professional level to keep up with the changing demands of society and the labor market


Preparing technically and scientifically competent cadres in the biological sciences to assist the educational process and scientific research to help satisfy societal and economic needs.


1-Provide students with academic and applied knowledge of life sciences and their applications in society in theoretical, practical, and applied terms.

2- Give students scientific training in the use of tools and equipment they can employ in their theoretical and applied studies, as well as incorporating contemporary technologies in practical laboratories which can increase students' productivity.

3-Study and investigate everything that is new in the life sciences, stay up to date on advancements in science, take part in scientific research ,and engage students in the research process.

4-Develop the scientific competencies and performance of faculty members and researchers and enabling them to employ information and communication technology in the educational process.

5-Knowledge, cultural and scientific exchange with national and international departments, colleges and universities.

6-Support student, cultural, social and artistic activities.

7- Establish communication channels with different sectors of the local community and supporting community activities through the organization of seminars, scientific conferences and practical courses in various biological disciplines.

8- Solve environmental issues using life sciences  applications to promote society.