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Vision, Mission and Objectives آخر تحديث 1/26/2023 11:34:01 AM

Vision, Mission, Objectives


Quality and creativity in training  specialists in the biological sciences  to keep up with modern scientific breakthroughs and to contribute to development, community service, scientific research, and its applications.


Preparing outstanding scientists, practitioners, and researchers in the area of biology to meet the demands of the workplace and community development in accordance with academic programs and a desirable learning environment.


1- Support providing a prestigious educational and research service and work to improve students' capacity to serve the community and the labor market.

2- Use innovative techniques and methods for teaching biology in all of its branches to achieve the academic vision and ambitions of the graduates of the Department.

3-Produce a generation at the highest levels of science and research, capable of pursuing postgraduate studies.

4-Prepare cadres to integrate them into society and state institutions, providing them with scientific and technical knowledge in the life sciences, and improving its scientific, health and environmental institutions.

5-Encourage scientific research through research conducted by academic staff members and postgraduate students.

6- Establish connections and build lines  of cooperation with relevant scientific and governmental bodies and institutions to address a range of environmental and social issues.