Basim. M. Ayesh

I hold a bachelor's degree in biology and biochemistry from Birzeit University in 1997 and a master's and doctorate from the Department of Molecular Biochemistry at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 2004.

The doctoral thesis dealt with the design of a gene therapy for bladder cancer that works on the release of diphtheria toxin in cancer cells under the control of IGFII promoter.
This treatment has been tested in cancer cells cultured in the laboratory as well as in a number of animal models for bladder cancer in mice and rats. These studies have been successful.
After graduation I worked in the Central Laboratory of the Palestinian Ministry of Health as a molecular genetics specialist. I established and operated the first molecular genetics laboratory concerned with the Molecular diagnosis of various viral and bacterial diseases. At the same time, I began working on the graduate program in Life Sciences at the Islamic University where I taught courses in Molecular Cell Biology, Advanced Biochemistry and Enzymes and Hormones. I have also supervised on more than 20 master's thesis and discussed a number of others at the Islamic University.
In 2009 I moved from the Ministry of Health to work as an assistant professor at Al-Aqsa University and helped establish and operate the Department of Laboratory Medical Sciences in which I now work as an associate professor in molecular genetics. In the same year I started teaching genetics and molecular biology courses for medical students at the Islamic University until the moment.
My research interests, which focused on molecular genetics and molecular diagnostics, have led to the publication of more than 30 scholarly articles in prestigious international, regional and local journals, as well as the publication of a chapter in Springer's book.

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I am a Palestinian academic born in Gaza and a distinguished researcher in applied mathematics, obtained a professorship in mathematics and mathematical physics.

Date & Place of Birth December 02, 1970
Residence Palestine
Phone 00970-8-2641622



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Cited by
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