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Department head message آخر تحديث 6/4/2023 12:23:41 PM

I would first want to thank His Excellency the Acting President of the University, Prof. Ayman Sobh, and Prof. Ali Hamid Al Astal, Dean of the Faculty of Applied Sciences, for their trust in me by appointing me as a head of Department Of biology. I pray to God to be  at our students' and our other faculty members' good will.

 One of the notable and significant departments of Al-Aqsa University's Faculty of Science is the Department of Biology, which is home to a number of top scientists with expertise in a variety of life sciences. The scientific study of living things at all scales—from molecules to cells to tissues to organs to organisms to living societies—is referred to as biology. The department grants bachelor's degrees in the following specialties:

A- Bachelor of Science- Biology major

B - Bachelor of Education -Biology and its teaching methods major 

The department is also eager to confer a master's degree in Biology in the future.

Dr. Salem J. Abdullah

Head of Department of Biology