Faculty of Applied Sciences

Vision, Mission and objective آخر تحديث 1/26/2023 9:12:12 AM



Superiority in theoretical and applied sciences and their scientific research in line with global scientific and technological developments.


Provide students with a high-quality education and equip them with theoretical and practical knowledge which they need to satisfy society's demands in the areas of applied science, scientific research, and ethics.


1-Prepare qualified graduates in the theoretical and applied sciences; meeting the demands of the labor market with exceptional professionalism.

 Enhance the faculty members' knowledge-acquisition abilities and enable them to use information and communication technology in the teaching process.

Raise the standards of the faculty labs and educational and research facilities to support the educational process and scientific research. 

4- Increase the faculty staff's awareness of the value of remarkable scientific research.

Support scientific research and foster student research aptitude through active participation.

6-Encourage joint scientific research and exchanging research experiences between colleges and their like on a local, regional, and global scale.

7- Collaborate with community institutions to truly help them solve their issues by paying attention to scientific research in the areas of applied and theoretical sciences.