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Vision, Mission and Objectives آخر تحديث 5/29/2023 12:33:33 PM

The Department of Physics of The Faculty of Applied Sciences at Al-Aqsa University is one of the oldest departments there, and it is distinguished by having a distinct vision, mission, and objectives that are in line with those of the Faculty as a whole.


Superiority on education and scientific research in the area of physics and its applications  and a strengthened sense of community involvement.


Providing high quality university education in a variety of physics sciences, enhancing the educational process and offering programs that keep up with global advancements to prepare highly educated graduates who are prepared to compete and contribute to the labor market.


1-Provide students with basic skills to solve problems in a scientific manner based on the principles of survey and analysis and elicit objective solutions to the problems presented.

2- Qualify students with strong background in physics in order to actively engage in the scientific and technical facets of development and planning programs.

3-Prepare competent scientific professionals to satisfy the demands of the public and private sectors and contribute to solve scientific and industrial issues facing society.

4-Encourage academic staff members to conduct original scientific research and take part in scientific conferences, while working in close collaboration with the counterpart departments locally and internationally.

5- Contribute significantly to improve remarkable physics-related scientific research.

6- Enhance community collaboration with physics and astronomy-focused institutions.