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7.       Work with us


The GDC-ERD announces jobs opportunities in the News Box (left side of the page), as far as these jobs are available.

GDC-ERD welcomes all expertise whose have a higher certificate in related  Geospatial science (Remote Sensing & GIS…etc.) to visit the center and provide us with theirs CVs, so that the center can communicate with them as soon as we have job opportunities (coach, field survey, Principal Research Investigator, Researcher Assistant). GDC-ERD encourages researchers who has senior academic certificates specialized in  geospatial science ( major or minor specialization) to meet the director of the Center Dr. Wiesam Essa or to send him an  e-mail attaching CV. (Mobile: 00970599785989 Email:

Researcher Visit:

GDC-ERD  welcomes researchers (Individuals, Academic Institutions, Research Centers and Other) to discuss possibility of  collaborations on projects based on integration of the geospatial data into education, research and development... etc.

Partnership with us:

It is expected from the interested scientist partner who's interested in our work of integrating  geospatial analysis in his research is to have his own data geo-referenced, otherwise there is an opportunity for geo-referencing the data into a  GIS/remote sensing digital environment in order to be able to offer further spatial analysis's services.

GDC-ERD initiates researching projects as soon as the running resources are available. If there is an opportunity of starting an outstanding scientific research project and the GDC-ERD was able to provide the necessary internal resources to cover expenses of the geospatial part of the research, resultantly, the center will run the project immediately. However,  if the researching project requires higher budget than GDC-ERD can offer, and there are a potential funding sources, resultantly, GDC-ERD will work on developing a competitive project proposal for fundraising the research project.

GDC-ERD implements the geospatial part of the research, this includes research design, data collection, spatial analysis and writing the geospatial part of the peer reviewed article, while the partner researchers do the same for the non-geospatial part of the research. GDC-ERD leads the management of the project proposals (in academic or development) in joint  collaboration from the partners, and communicates with the donors for fundraising the project's activities. GDC-ERD pays special attention to follow-up the donors recent calls and announcements for research and development project's grants, which fall within the priorities of the GDC-ERD,  partners and the community of Gaza Strip. There are internal lows and regulations organizing the activities of the GDC-ERD with the partners, however,  it is still under review and consultation in between the GDC-ERD, Deanship of the Scientific Research and the Presidency of Al-Aqsa University. The internal lows and regulations should be able to organize the financial and clerical tasks between GDC-ERD's researchers and the partners researchers.

To Be a Volunteer:

GDC-ERD hosts volunteers to work on professional and managerial tasks, GDC-ERD provides a certificate of the volunteering activities, Moreover,  volunteers attend the professional training courses free of charge.

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