Alaqsa University


University Council آخر تحديث 7/23/2019 9:44:40 AM

Dr. Kamal Abd El Sharafi

University President

Dr. Mahmoud El Jabary

Advisor to the President

Dr. Nihad El Yazji

Advisor to the President

Prof. Ayman Sobh

Vice President for the Academic Affairs

Dr. Fayek El Na'uk

Vice President for the Administrative affairs

Prof. Mohammed Salman

Vice President for the Graduate Studies and Scientific research

Dr. Adnan Mahmoud El Kahlout

Dean of Admission and Registration

Dr. Riyad Abu Zannad

Dean of Student’s Affairs

Dr. Aladdin El Sayed

Dean of the Faculty of Administration and Finance

Prof. Khaled El Ser

Dean of the Faculty of Education

Prof. Khaled Safi

Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Human Sciences

Dr. Majed Khaled El Terban

Dean of the Faculty of Media

Dr. Nimr Sobh El Qeeq

Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts

Prof. Abdul Samee’ el Arabeed

Dean of the Faculty of Libraries

Dr. Mohammed Abu Oda

Dean of Community Service and Continuing Education

Dr. Omar Meqdad

Dean of Quality Assurance and Development

Dr. Nabil EL Aila

Vice President for the international relations affairs

Dr. Tayseer Mahmoud Neshwan

Dean of the Community and Intermediary College

Dr. As’ad  El Majdalawi

Dean of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports

Dr. Ra’fat  Nejm

Dean of Medical Sciences

Prof Abdul Salam Abu Zayda

Dean of the Faculty of Applied Sciences

Dr. Mohammed Awadalla

Dean of the Faculty of Computer and Information Technology