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Technical Facilities آخر تحديث 11/13/2017 9:15:07 AM

3.        Technical laboratories

GDC-ERD was established at the Al-Aqsa University, Khan-Younis campus (previous building of the Faculty of Administration and Financing). Here we appreciate the generous support from the University Council and his Administration for providing the rooms needed for the future laboratories and the GDC-ERD administration, as well as other basic needs, GDC-ERD  works independently to look for other supporters to secure equipment,  tools and software.  Right now, the GDC-ERD is in the process of writing project proposals for fundraising the basic infrastructure by contacting potential donors and agencies to fundraise different projects mentioned at the bottom of this page.

GDC-ERD seeks to have a number of GIS and Remote Sensing software licenses to provide them free of charge for the academics and research use at Al-Aqsa University, such software includes; Intergraph ERDAS Imagine, ArcGIS 10, Envi-GIS and IDRISI Kilimanjaro. The GDC-ERD also encourage and pay special attention to Open Source Software for its free of charge usability and its potentiality to be rewritten and upgraded for advancing the technical research in near future, such Open Source Software includes ILWIS and GRASS.

As shown in the organizational structure of the GDC-ERD , these laboratories are: -



Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Lab


Remote Sensing (RS) Lab


Geospatial Data Repository Server, Spatial Data Infrastructure System SDI


Geographic field surveys Lab