Alaqsa University


Vision, Mission, Objective آخر تحديث 5/2/2018 10:34:27 AM


Al-Aqsa University seeks distinction among the Palestinian and regional universities in university education, scientific research and community service based on global quality culture.


Al-Aqsa University is a Palestinian governmental high education institution whose target is prepare man weaponed with culture, skills, values and has the ability for continuous learning and the employment of information technology through the programs of ability-building university education, scientific research and community service and development.

Al-Aqsa University is committed through achieving its vision to Arab and Islamic culture and principles of human rights that enclose responsibility, law rule commitment, respect, forgiveness, equality, manage ability and stakeholders participation.



The university tries to spread knowledge, deepen its roots serve and develop the Palestinian community in particular and the Arab man and community in general in the frame of a philosophy centered on national concepts and Arab Islamic heritage civilization and seeks to achieve this goal through:

*Encouraging institutional development of Al-Aqsa university through improving the proficiency of funds support of the teaching learning process, scientific research, and community service.

*Improving the university programs quality by availing an effective teaching learning environment.

*Participating in improving knowledge and comprehension as a basis to support decisions and policies making about issues of Al-Aqsa University and Palestinian society through interaction with institutions, research and education center, civil society organizations on the local, regional and international levels.

*Participating in the continual development process of the Palestinian society by offering educational, training, research consultation and community voluntary work in partnership with official institutions, civil society organizations and private sector.

*Developing intermediate vocational educational system that centers on perfection and excellence and meets society developmental needs.