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Recent Scientific Publications


The use of some plant extracts as an alternative approaches for treatment of certain malignant cell lines
Abboud El Kichaoui, Basim Ayesh, Saeb Aliwaini
Journal of Medicinal Plants Studies 4(4). pp.174-188.()
El Kichaoui	Abboud		Basim. M. AyeshAliwaini	Saeb
Regulatory sequences of H19 and IGF2 genes in DNA-based therapy of colorectal rat liver metastases.
Patricia Ohana, Pinhas Schachter, Basim Ayesh, Aya Mizrahi, Tatiana Birman, Tamar Schneider, Imad Matouk, Suhail Ayesh, Peter J K Kuppen, Nathan de Groot, Abraham Czerniak, Abraham Hochberg
The Journal of Gene Medicine .()
Ohana	Patricia		Schachter	Pinhas		Basim. M. AyeshMizrahi	Aya		Birman	Tatiana		Schneider	Tamar		Matouk	Imad		Ayesh	Suhail		Kuppen	Peter J K		de Groot	Nathan		Czerniak	Abraham		Hochberg	Abraham
CHRNA5 and CHRNA3 polymorphism and lung cancer susceptibility in Palestinian population.
Basim Mohammad Ayesh, Rami Al-Masri, Abdalla Assaf Abed
BMC research notes 11(1). pp.218.(2018)
Basim. M. AyeshAl-Masri	Rami		Abed	Abdalla Assaf
Evaluation of- and-based pharmacogenetic algorithm for warfarin dose in Gaza-Palestine.
Basim Mohammad Ayesh, Ahmed Shaker Abu Shaaban, Abdalla Asaf Abed
Future science OA 4(3). pp.FSO276.(2018)
Basim. M. AyeshAbu Shaaban	Ahmed Shaker		Abed	Abdalla Asaf
Nasal carriage of methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus among health care workers at Al Shifa hospital in Gaza Strip
Nabil Abdullah El Aila, Nahed Ali Al Laham, Basim Mohammad Ayesh
BMC Infectious Diseases 17(1). pp.1-7.(2017)
Nabil A. El AilaAl Laham	Nahed Ali		Basim. M. Ayesh