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Smart heterogeneous precision agriculture using wireless sensor network based on extended Kalman filter
Yousef E. M. Hamouda, Mohammed M. Msallam
Neural Computing and Applications .(2018)
Yousef E. HamoudaMohammad M. Musallam
Economic load dispatch problems with valve-point loading using natural updated harmony search
Mohammed Azmi Al-Betar, Mohammed A. Awadallah, Ahamad Tajudin Khader, Asaju La’aro Bolaji, Ammar Almomani
Neural Computing and Applications 29(10). pp.767-781.(2018)
Al-Betar	Mohammed Azmi		Mohammed A. AwadallahKhader	Ahamad Tajudin		Bolaji	Asaju La’aro		Almomani	Ammar
Identifying and Evaluating Critical Risks and Controls in The Implementation Of ERP Systems (Case Study In UAE)
Waleed Ali, Burairah Hussin, Mohd Fairuz Bin Othman, Elzamly Abdelrafe, Mohamed Doheir
Journal of Advanced Research in Dynamical and Control Systems 2018(04). pp.647-660.(2018)
Ali	Waleed		Hussin	Burairah		Bin Othman	Mohd Fairuz		Abdelrafe M. ElzamlyDoheir	Mohamed
Hybridizing β-hill climbing with wavelet transform for denoising ECG signals
Zaid Abdi Alkareem Alyasseri, Ahamad Tajudin Khader, Mohammed Azmi Al-Betar, Mohammed A. Awadallah
Information Sciences pp.229-246.(2018)
Alyasseri	Zaid Abdi Alkareem		Khader	Ahamad Tajudin		Al-Betar	Mohammed Azmi		Mohammed A. Awadallah
A Non-convex Economic Dispatch Problem with Valve Loading Effect Using a New Modified β-Hill Climbing Local Search Algorithm
Mohammed Azmi Al-Betar, Mohammed A. Awadallah, Iyad Abu Doush, Emad Alsukhni, Habes ALkhraisat
Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering pp.1-18.(2018)
Al-Betar	Mohammed Azmi		Mohammed A. AwadallahDoush	Iyad Abu		Alsukhni	Emad		ALkhraisat	Habes