Yusef A. Yusef

Dr. Yousef A. Yousef is an Assistant Professor for Management Information System (MIS) at Al-Aqsa University, Gaza, Palestine, Department of Computer & Information Sciences. Dr. Yousef's primary research interest is in the area of MIS, Big Data Analysis and software risk management . Dr. Yousef received a B. Sc in Computer Science, Alaqsa-Gaza University and M.S. At Computer Information System (CIS) of the Arab Academy of Banking and Financial Sciences, Amman, Jordan. He subsequently received a Ph.D. in MIS from AL-Jinan University, Lebanon, in 2017. Dr. Youssef held numerous administrative positions at Al-Aqsa University, including the Assistant Vice President for Information Technology Affairs, and he is now head of the Computer and Information Sciences Department

MIS, Big Data Analysis and software risk management

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I am a Palestinian academic born in Gaza and a distinguished researcher in applied mathematics, obtained a professorship in mathematics and mathematical physics.

Date & Place of Birth December 02, 1970
Residence Palestine
Email am.sobh@alaqsa.edu.ps
Phone 00970-8-2641622



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Year : 2017 ,

Year : 2007 ,

Year : 1999 ,


Visual Programming

Software Engineering 1

Data Structures

Multimedia 1

DataBase Systems

Management Information Systems (2)

Graduation Project 2

Graduation Project

Management Information Systems (1)

Fundemintals of Programming

Graduation Project 1

Introduction Into Data Base

Artificial Intelligence

Introduction to Computer Science

Information Systems Control

Artificial Intelligence & expert systems

Programming 1

Multimedei Programming

Field Training

Computer Assesement & Operating Systems

Expert Systems

Systems Analysis and Design

Advanced Database Systems

Multimedia 2

Advance DataBase Systems

Computer Graphics

Computer skills

Database Systems

Management Information Systems

Software Engineering 2

Principle of MIS

Software Engineering


Computer and Internet


06/08/2020 -

Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs

28/01/2020 - - 06/08/2020

Head of Department of Computer and Information Sciences

17/10/2018 - - 28/01/2020

 Assistant Head of Computer and Information Department

25/09/2017 - - 01/07/2018

Assistant of Vice President Information Technology Affairs