Community Service and Continuary Education

Community Service and Continuary Education

The achievement of community participation and communication with civil community organizations in addition to knowing about people problems and interests and working to find proper solutions to these problems; is one of the most component of development affairs and community service. The university is no longer considered an educational institution only concerned with graduating students in different brackets, nor is considered More..

Word of vice president of Community Service and Continuary Education آخر تحديث 1/6/2022 2:06:56 PM

Thanks for Allah and prayers and peace be on the most honorable prophet and messenger, our prophet Mohammad and all his companions, then:

Societal participation is one of the most important component through which the university serves the community outside its buildings so that the academic society should be fused with the civil surrounding society.

The role of modern university not only gives traditional services like teaching and scientific research, but exceeds borders to include interaction with surrounding environment and society as well. Without activating the university role completely in building and developing the community, its role will remain very limited . Therefor the quest for community service and development affairs appears as the third component of the university besides education and scientific research. The role gives the university its distinctive reputation ahead traditional educational institutes.

Development affairs and community service seeks to emphasize the role of the university in solving the problems of community and offering initiatives and creative solutions through defining the university role to the community and orienting it to interact with this role convinced that science is the permanent development vehicle. It also attempts to give distinctive educational training for human resources to rise to become conscious, creative, progressive and civilized through enabling the participant with all knowledge and necessary sciences to be in continual communication with the latest development on the scientific and practical levels. It finally works to enhance cooperation and interaction inside the local community and with the international one to meet with permanent and total development needs in the Palestinian community.