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Publishing Instruction آخر تحديث 11/12/2017 2:13:48 PM

Al-aqsa University Journal

  1. Al-aqsa University Journal isacademicscientific perfectionjournal, Published in two editions annually;the first time in January, and the second in June; by the Deanship of Scientific Research at Al-aqsa university.
  2. The first four volumeshad been issuedentitled by the Faculty of education , Thereafter it's called by the Journal ofAl-aqsa Universityat the fifth volume in January,2001 ; in which its Included researches in humanities, naturalandapplied sciences.
  3. In 2004, Volume VIII;thejournal has been division in to a series of humanities and a series of natural and applied sciences.
  4. The International Standard No. of the Journal of Humanities Series( ISSN: 2070 – 3147)
  5. The International Standard No. of the Journal of Natural and Applied Sciences Series(ISSN: 2070 -3155)
  • Arabic: Simplified Arabic, font size (14) Dark for the title, (13) Dark for the sub-headings, (12) the common for the rest text , page numbering, and single distance between lines.
  • English: Times New Roman, font size (14) Dark for the title, (13) Dark for the sub-headings, (12) the common for the rest text , page numbering, and single distance between lines.
  • Margins are (5 cm) above, (5 cm) below, (4 cm) right (4 cm) left .
  • Before the first page (title and abstract); a cover which Includes  the research title in Arabic and English, the name the researcher in Arabic and English, scientific nickname,  his job, e-mail  and mailing address.
  • the research title is written then the abstract in both Arabic and English within a single page, after that begin with the research material which includestheIntroduction , results, and discussion as well as references, appendices, also permeate tables, shapes , images and research article) (research text) .


  1. Quran: Referred to the Quranic verses in the text only in brackets, where the name of the sura and verse number and two points between them, for example: (Isra: 8).
  2. Hadith: referred to it in the text only, mentions the name of the book, then the part, if any, and then the page number, for example (Fath al-Bari: 2/129), and the specialists research inserts are in the reference list.
  3. Book: referred to the book in the text within two bow, anywhere mentioned the name of the family of the author, year, and the page, for example: (Al-jondi2003:15), and if the writing is a bilaterally, mention the name of the first author, and the second (Al- jondi and Gabriel, 2003:15), If the writing is shared; added after the first name "and others", for example: (Pvt et al, 2003: 15), and in English the word(others) replaced by (et al).
  4. The research in the journal or magazine: referred to the research in the text within brackets in the same way which is referred to the book, without mentioning the page, for example: (Al-jondi, 2003).
  • The reference is written  in the list as follows-
  • If the reference is a book, mention the full name (last name, first name),the year of publication, title of the book, edition number, and the part number, if any, the publishing house, place of publication. Example:
  • Al-Jondi , Anwar, 1985: Orientalism and Orientalists toxins, Second Edition, Heritage Library Islamic Cairo
  • Example in English: Ibach H. and Luth H.1996 : Solid State Physics, Second Edition, Springer, Berlin.

  References are listed fully in alphabetical order:

  • the pages shall not exceed thirty (30) pages, and if it increasing , the researcher should paid(5$)for each page, must be no more than 40 pages.
  • If the number ofpages exceed forty pages,it will be published in a special supplement with the magazine, and the researcher pays(200$), its not beaccompanied by more than a single supplement only.
  • The author provides to the editorial board an electronic Journal version as well as with a hard copy, at the following address
  • Deanship of Scientific Research - Al-Aqsa University in Gaza - p. B 4051 - 2841214-08 - Telefax08-2834370
  • E-mail: Scires@alaqsa.edu.ps
  • the chairman of the journal editor Provides the researchers with two copies of the journalfor every researcher, twenty Extracted from the research Gratuitously.
  • The Research that received to the journalwill not be returned to their owners whether they were accepted for publication or not.
  • A copy of the researchwhich was finalized after the re-formatted and printed by the Deanship of Scientific Researchis going to send to the author, and the author reading the copy ,audited and approved as quickly as possible and then returned to the deanship of scientific research without adding new material to it.

A special supplement to the research  which provided by the Islamic Studies:


  • The Quranic versesreferred in the textonly between brackets, where the name of the sura and verse number and points between them, for example: (Isra: 8)
  • The rest of the references referred to in the text as mentioned previously,arranged by the end of the research, and they are received in the text, taking into account that the first mention at the book the following matters.
  • The name of the whole book and the author's name and his family and the year of his death - if any - and the name of the investigator, and the Edition number and year of publication, and the part number and the page, followed by two points mentioned after the number to talk - in the references Alhdithi - then publisher and place of publication Example: GhiathAl-omam fee Al- teiath Atholam : Abd-Almalek AL-Jouini - AbuAl-Maali D. 478 H, achieving Abdel Azim El Dib, First Edition 1400 C 1/55, House Revival of Islamic Heritage – Qatar.