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Al-Aqsa University and Al-Quds Open University launch CARE project within Erasmus plus program

Al-Aqsa University and Al-Quds Open University launch CARE project within Erasmus plus program

Al-Aqsa University and Al-Quds Open University and the other 10 partner universities embarked on the activities of the project “Promote Early Childhood Education and Care in Palestine”  funded by the European Union as part of the Capacity Building Program for Higher Education Institutions within the framework of Erasmus+, which is managed by Al-Quds Open University in partnership with eleven partners from Palestine, Britain, Ireland, Portugal, Italy and Greece in addition to the Palestinian Ministries of Education and Ministry of Social Development.

The project will last for three years. It aims to ensure that children have access to all early childhood services in a sustainable manner through the government's commitment to provide services and work in partnership with universities and institutions related to early childhood care, locally, regionally and internationally. The project also aims to develop the capabilities of the academic staff of the universities and the partner ministries by sharing their experiences with institutions operating in the early childhood sector. On another side, it will develop the capabilities of the workers in the social fieldwork and early childhood sector through professional diplomas and specialized training.

On Monday 15th February 2021 the inaugural meeting was held via virtual space technology as the first activity of the project, which lasted for three consecutive days, in which the partners discussed all work packages, strategies, and plans for each work package in detail.

In the framework of the dissemination package, Al-Aqsa University teamwork represented by Dr. Nabil Al-Aila, Dean of International Relations Affairs, prepared a joint presentation in cooperation with the Global Learning Systems Foundation-Ireland to explain the dissemination plan prepared by Al-Aqsa University as it is the responsible partner for dissemination. The presentation showed a clear perspective to all partners about the detailed activities of the plan and its measurement indicators, the presentation also identified the target groups of the plan and the mechanism for efficient and effective access to it.

The academic part of the project is managed by a highly qualified and specialized academic staff at Al-Aqsa University represented by Prof. Aida Saleh, associate professor in psychology, and Prof. Nahed Fora, associate professor in curricula and methodology of childhood, and Prof. Rania Abdul Monem, associate professor in educational technology. The members of the teamwork together in parallel to ensure the best outcomes of the project. In the first meeting, they completed the development plans for the project.

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