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Souk Aldahab

Souk  Aldahab

Also known as the  Qissariya  Market, the Gold Market is  a  narrow  passage way located in Al-Daraj quarter in the old town of Gaza city. It is one of the most important archaeological markets that still remain in Gaza city. It is called the "Gold Market" because all its shops  trade in gold.  It dates back to the Mamluk period (Ad 658-922 / AD 1260-1517), but there is no specific date for its establishment as it does not contain a founding plaque.

The Market lies along the southern edge of the Great Mosque of Gaza, beside the main Omar Mukhtar Street. The Market is configured with a pointed and vaulted roof above the central road, which is lined on both sides by small shops that are themselves roofed by the cross vaults of the covered central road.