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Graduate Studies & Scientific Resarch

Graduate Studies & Scientific Resarch

The deanship of graduate studies handles the most important tasks in order to serve the Palestinian community; therefore, two important files are managed by the deanship, which are: 1- Graduate studies: Al-Aqsa University is still a pioneer in the program of graduate studies (Master’s degree and Doctorate) in order to fulfill our community’s need for highly competent individuals and the university has contributed to More..

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Journal of  Al-Aqsa University (Series of Natural Science)

A Refereed Scientific Journal

 Issued By The Deanship of Scientific Research

  Al-Aqsa University

       ISSN 2521-893X(Online)

    ISSN 2070-3155( print) 


Editor in Chief

Prof. Mohamed Ibrahim Slman                Dean of  Graduate          

                                                                     Studies and  Scientific Research



Assistant Chief Editor

Dr. Hakeem A. Eltalla                     Assistant Dean of  Graduate           

                                                               Studies and  Scientific Research


Editorial Board:

Prof. Ayman M. Sobh


Prof. Hazem  M. Abu Shawish


Prof. R’afat M. Nejem


Prof. Abdelrahiem A. Ashour


Prof. Ali H. El-Astal


Prof. Majdi S. Hamada


Prof. Naser S. El-Abadla


Prof. Nada M. Abunada














Secretary of Editorial Board


                   Ahmed Raoof/ Abed El-Rahiem El-Abadla