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Vision, Mission and Objectives آخر تحديث 5/31/2023 10:53:46 AM


The Department of Nursing Sciences seeks to be distinguished locally and regionally in educational and vocational programs, teaching and learning mechanisms and scientific research in the field of nursing sciences. It also looking for serving the community in accordance with the overall quality standards.


 The Department of Nursing Sciences at Al-Aqsa University aims to prepare and qualify distinguished graduates in the field of nursing sciences, who are able to meet the needs and requirements of the labor market in nursing sciences competitively at the local and regional levels, and to constantly learn and employ information and communication technology in the teaching and learning processes. It also aspires to refine students' talents and skills. The department is also interested in developing research and studies and providing consultations to serve the local and regional community. In addition to working constantly to activate the knowledge sharing movement in nursing and other medical sciences in accordance with the overall quality standards and ethical and professional requirements.


1-Acquire basic and advanced nursing knowledge and skills.

2-Effective communication by performing different professional roles.

3-Work under the national and international standards of nursing practice.

4-Enhance using scientific research method and its applications in the field of nursing and health service.

5-Contribute to community service to improve health.

6-Communicate effectively with health professionals, patients, and families in variant hospitals, primary health care centers and other health facilities.

7-Collaborate with a multidisciplinary team in the field of patient care.

8-Recognize the current local and international standards for nursing practice.

9-Seek to improve the quality of nursing practices by using the nursing process as a framework for professional practice.

10-Develop students' abilities to follow the scientific steps when providing nursing care.

11-Evolve the leadership and research personality of students in a way that help making decisions supported by scientific evidence.

12-Provide students with further insights into job description, job analysis, decision-making and how to make ethical decisions that they face in professional work.

13-Enable students to understand nursing theories and principles of nursing sciences and apply them when providing nursing care and managing nursing affairs.