Faculty of Medical Sciences

Vision, Mission and Objectives آخر تحديث 5/30/2023 10:22:40 AM

:College vision

Leadership in medical sciences through academically distinguished programs at the local and regional levels, in line with scientific and technical developments.

College message:

Preparing a specialized cadre in the field of medical sciences with high qualifications and capabilities, and able to carry out its duties perfectly, and to contribute to the production of scientific research to improve health services in the community.

Objectives of the College of Medical Sciences:

1. Preparing and qualifying qualified graduates in the fields of medical sciences to meet the needs of the labor market with a distinguished professionalism.

2. Develop the various skills and experiences of the faculty’s employees, and enable them to employ information and communication technology in the field of medical sciences.

3. Improving the educational and research facilities in the college, and raising the quality of laboratories and laboratories therein to serve the educational process and scientific research.

4. Establishing a positive and attractive scientific environment for distinguished local, regional and international competencies.

5. Supporting scientific research and developing students' research talents by involving them in the research process.

6. Supporting joint scientific research, and exchanging research experiences between the college and its peers at the local, regional and international levels.

7. Work to establish integrated advisory and research centers in the fields of medical sciences.

8. Activating community service to contribute seriously to solving the community's emergency medical problems, by paying attention to scientific research in the fields of medical sciences.

9. Establishing a mechanism for marketing applied research and consultancy provided by the college to serve and develop the community.

10. Updating and developing study plans for the undergraduate program in line with the acceleration in the scientific development process.

11. The college seeks to prepare postgraduate programs for the purpose of developing scientific research to serve students and society.