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Vision, Mission and Objectives آخر تحديث 5/21/2023 11:00:11 AM

The Department of Journalism of the Faculty of Media at Al-Aqsa University has a distinct vision, mission, and objectives that are in line with those of the Faculty:


A distinguished department with a focus on sustainability and community engagement locally and regionally.


Creating an environment for learning and training that can help students develop their skills, teach them how to use information and communication technology for electronic publishing and teaching, and encourage intellectual creativity and effective communication for the exchange of knowledge related to journalism.


1- Prepare exceptional students who are able to work in journalism of all sorts and to present the civilized face of Palestine to the world  In order to achieve the defense of Palestinian rights and identity.

2-Prepare skilled and knowledgeable media professionals in the fields of advertising, public opinion research, editing, directing, designing, and media campaign planning.

3-Encourage students to use their organizational skills to create media materials.

4-Prepare media professionals with the necessary qualifications who can contribute to the process of overall national development that society needs.

5-Educate students in the area of journalism to develop specific scientific competencies and prepare them for postgraduate study.

6-Provide press consultations and training programs necessary to serve the community.

7-Provide students with digital journalism skills. 

8-Establish collaborations with relevant media organizations  to offer graduates a proper training environment.

9-Establish connections with regional and local organizations active in this area and other related fields that contribute to development.