Faculty of Media

Vision, Mission and Objectives آخر تحديث 5/18/2023 10:40:18 AM

The Faculty of Media is one of Al-Aqsa University's notable faculties, and it is distinguished by having a distinct vision, mission, and objectives that are in line with those of the university as a whole.


Supplying the local and regional labor market with media-qualified graduates with high academic and professional competencies, enabling them to keep abreast of media and digital developments.


Spreading knowledge connected to the practical application of various media areas by keeping up with technological advancements in print, audio, and visual media systems. Trying also to create a positive environment that encourages creativity for students, as well as to stimulate scientific research to benefit the community and the local, regional, and international labor market.


  1.  Prepare distinguished media professionals who are scientifically and intellectually qualified to serve media work and contribute to Palestine's progress.
  2. Strengthen the Palestinian presence in the global knowledge society, as well as the Palestinian national narrative in current international media.
  3. Establish constructive and effective communication channels with counterpart institutions of higher education on a local, regional, and international scale in order to keep up with the revolution in communication technology and new media.
  4. Promote specialized scientific research through the various programs of the faculty.
  5. Highlight the university's various media activities and strengthen its link with media and civil institutions.
  6. Serve the community through media by focusing on community concerns through theoretical and applied research.
  7. Contribute to the establishment of media structures that serve the principles of the Palestinian cause and its strategic interests, as well as to the consolidation of the justice of the Palestinian cause and its people's struggle.
  8. Contribute to the production and broadcasting of educational programs of various disciplines to serve the teaching and learning process.
  9. Assure that all university employees work in an environment that values equality, freedom, democracy, and justice.
  10. Help students develop a unique and independent personality that will influence their post-graduation work lives.