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Department head message آخر تحديث 5/28/2023 12:15:29 PM

I thank God for the privilege of being a member of the staff of the Faculty of Media at Alaqsa University ,and I ask Him to grant me the strength to carry out my duties to the Faculty, the Department of Radio and Television, my colleagues, and the students.

Students of the department, Welcome to the Radio and Television Department. You are the lights that shine into the future of our beloved Palestine, which is precious to all of our hearts. You should feel pride and dignity twice: first because you are a son of Palestine, the greatest just cause of modern national liberation, and again because you are a son of Al-Aqsa University.

My students..

University life is about learning, perseverance, working hard, self-realization, and engaging in social, cultural, artistic, and athletic pursuits. It's important to actively participate in these activities. I encourage you to make use of the opportunities provided by seminars, conferences, panel discussions, and workshops to interact with experts, thinkers, and media practitioners

As a result, studying at Al-Aqsa University's Faculty of Media's Radio and Television Department is exceptional because it sharpens knowledge, ignites abilities, and fosters the development of a self-aware personality capable of excelling in distinctive and creative competition. We at the Radio and Television Department are care about you, and we are eager to give you the best opportunities and prepare you to work in radio and television institutions.

May God bless you and our university.

Dr. Mohammed Ali Abu Zayed

Head of Radio and Television Department