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Deanship of planning, Development and Quality Assurance

Deanship of planning, Development and Quality Assurance

The Deanship of Planning, Development, and Quality Assurance was created with the goals of playing a role in the academic development process, improving the skills and abilities of academic staff members, finding precise measurement tools to reveal strengths and assist in enhancing and developing them, as well as weaknesses and shortcomings and working to address and improve them, and using electronic and contemporary technologic More..

The USA Evaluation Commissioner IAO Gaza Chapter Visits Al Aqsa University

25/05/2014 - 25/05/2014



The Evaluation Commissioner IAO Gaza Chapter, Dr. Thaer Abu Shbak , visited the university on Sunday 27th of May, 2014. The visit aims at evaluating all administrative and academic components of the university for the purpose of having international accreditation certificate from the organization.

Dr. Shbak has been received by Dr. Sallam Al Aghah, the university president, along with Dr. Neamat Alwan and Quality Assurance staff represented by its Dean, Dr. Yehya Al Najar .

Another visit to the university has been specified that will take place at Khan Younis Branch on Tuesday 27th of May , 2014 for completing the university evaluation's procedures.