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Deanship of planning, Development and Quality Assurance

Deanship of planning, Development and Quality Assurance

The Deanship of Planning, Development, and Quality Assurance was created with the goals of playing a role in the academic development process, improving the skills and abilities of academic staff members, finding precise measurement tools to reveal strengths and assist in enhancing and developing them, as well as weaknesses and shortcomings and working to address and improve them, and using electronic and contemporary technologic More..

Deanship Council آخر تحديث 3/28/2023 10:59:11 AM

Dr. Mohammed A. Radi

Dean of Planning, Development and Quality Assurance

Planning and Development Directorate



Planning and Development   Director of 

Prof. Muneer A. Samour

Head of Department of Studies and Strategic Planning

Dr. Ola A. Abu Zaiter

Head of Department of Development of Human Resources

Mr. Ashraf I. Sumour


Quality Assurance Directorate



Director of Quality Assurance

Dr. Ashraf A. AL Hennawi

Head of Department of Accreditation and Academic Quality

Dr. Ramzi A. Matar

Head of Department of Administrations and Supporting Deanships Quality 

Mr. Eyas S. Samad

Head of Department of Electronic Systems Quality

          Dr. Mohammed F. AL Aqqad