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International Relations Affairs

International Relations Affairs

About us: The International Relations Affairs is the gate of Al-Aqsa University to the international regional institutions. It works on developing the university's profile at the international level by establishing bridges of academic and cultural cooperation between the university and various academic institutions, as well as Arab and international organizations. More..

Vision, Mission, Objectives آخر تحديث 4/2/2019 1:30:17 PM


The International Relations Affairs of Al-Aqsa University seeks to build a broad international network by strengthening its relations with international, educational and research institutions in various academic circles in order to achieve the University's vision of globalization.


Our mission is to create partnerships and bilateral programs with international universities at regional and international levels, to create opportunities for the exchange of academic visits to faculty members and students, to participate in international events and conferences and to contribute to enhancing the image of the University and its international standing.


1- To establish partnerships, cooperation and bilateral agreements between the university and its Arab, Islamic and international counterparts

2- To develop the academic staff at the university, and to open channels of academic and research cooperation


3- To strengthen Al-Aqsa University's international relations by acquiring a number of international memberships, and to enhance participation in regional research projects

4 –To participate in regional and international events and conferences, and to introduce the international community to the services the university provides.

5– To work towards providing scholarships for members of the faculty and outstanding students at the university.

6 - To create opportunities for exchange of academic visits for faculty and students with other universities around the world through which new experiences can be acquired in the field of research and knowledge.

7 – To inform faculty members, research and management about the opportunities available from abroad for obtaining support for scientific research projects or the development of capabilities and skills.

 8 - To supervise university students who are obtaining master's and doctorate degrees from international universities, and to invest them the service of the university's programs and activities through holding partnerships with the institutes they study at, in addition to transferring their experiences to the students and staff of the university.