Academic Affairs

Academic Affairs

Upon the University's vision to be distinguished among Palestinian and regional universities and according to its mission in preparing a skilled, valuable, knowledgeable person,  who has the ability of independent learning and employing learning technology. The Academic Affairs at Al-Aqsa University provides educational services for both university students and the academic staff. It works hard to improve efficiency and More..

Speech of the Vice President for Academic Affairs آخر تحديث 12/31/2019 2:44:50 PM

I am sending you the best greetings, peace, mercy, and blessing of Allah be upon you.

First, we have to remember that the pioneering role of the universities is to serve communities, particularly the Palestinians which must provide the society with persons weaponed with knowledge, skills, and potentials necessary for work market.

It is not a matter of exaggeration to state that Al-Aqsa University is one of the most Palestinian academic institutions in development and growth. The university encloses seven colleges as follows:

(Faculty of Education, Faculty of Physical and Applied Sciences, Faculty of Arts and Humanitarian Sciences, Faculty of Administrative and Financial Sciences, College of Fine Arts, College of Media, College of Physical Education and Sports). The university offers fifty-one accredited major distributed on the above seven colleges besides the intermediate community college of Al-Aqsa that offers ten majors.

The university is well progressed in academic cooperation. It was the first Palestinian university that has signed a joint agreement with an Arab known university to finding a higher studies joint program in cooperation with Ain Shams University.

A long time ago, The university was concerned to develop the proficiency of its academic staff by creating suitable opportunities for academic development. Now, the university encloses a number of qualified academic professionals able to carry out the burden of postgraduate programs; therefore, the university has gained accreditation for ten  Masters programs.

Al-Aqsa University offers unique programs which mostly serve the community such as, medical technology, physical education and sports, press and media, fine arts. According to its strategic plan, AQU has currently accredited three new colleges: College of computer and information technology, College of Medical Science, College of Islamic Sciences which will embody new qualitative programs.

The achievements of the university have extended to develop new smart labs to perform the practical courses in the correct academic context and in accordance with global quality standards. In this regard, AQU has currently equipped the medical technology lab with the latest devices for molecular biology uses, it is one of the best labs in the Gaza strip.

Regarding Al-Aqsa University students, the university has declared a number of measures that ensure their academic levels starting with determining the minimum level for their admission, 65%and passing the entrance exams in some majors.

Finally, the university and all of its staff members are proud of describing the university as " University of the Palestinian State" .


Prof. Dr. Ayman Mahmoud Sobh

Vice President for Academic Affairs.