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Deanship of planning, Development and Quality Assurance

Deanship of planning, Development and Quality Assurance

The Deanship of Planning, Development, and Quality Assurance was created with the goals of playing a role in the academic development process, improving the skills and abilities of academic staff members, finding precise measurement tools to reveal strengths and assist in enhancing and developing them, as well as weaknesses and shortcomings and working to address and improve them, and using electronic and contemporary technologic More..

Dean's Message آخر تحديث 3/27/2023 11:31:20 AM

 Al-Aqsa University hopes to occupy a significant and distinguished position among universities by winning the trust of the local, regional, and global communities through the adoption of overall quality standards and academic institution excellence, and by trying to put them into practice. As one of its strategic goals, the university also seeks  to promote the culture of total quality by engaging employees from all categories in the planning and quality process. It is also important to support and build their capabilities and work to provide them with knowledge and skills in the field of quality assurance systems and mechanisms in order to achieve a quality assurance system in the university's academic faculties and programs, its scientific centers, as well as its administrative and service departments. The Deanship of Planning, Development, and Quality Assurance has worked to develop a strategic plan for the university to achieve leadership and excellence for this prestigious institution in accordance with the new trends and changes in the external environment.

 A radical shift in the administration and leadership philosophy is necessary for the university to adopt strategic planning. As a result, decisions must be made to change the university's reputation in the local and global community and gain a deeper comprehension of the university's vision, mission, and strategic objectives as this fosters cooperation and communication across a variety of fields. 

Implementing strategic planning and the concept of total quality is the prime task of the Deanship of Planning, Development, and Quality Assurance. Its other primary objectives include working to establish an efficient follow-up system that identifies strengths and weaknesses in all academic and administrative work tracks within the university and helps identify obstacles and difficulties. In response, the appropriate modifications, policies, and procedures are suggested to help the university achieve its strategic objectives.

we look forward to the effective contributions of all of our university colleagues as well as the genuine desire in implementing quality standards in all aspect of the University in order to improve our university and drive it toward leadership and perfection.


Dean of Planning, Development and Quality Assurance

Dr. Mohammed A. Radi