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Admission & Registration

Admission & Registration

A Brief Note about Admission and Registration: A brief note about The Deanship: The Deanship of Admission and Registration at Al-Aqsa university is considered a center for operations related to students wishing to join the university in coordination with the different departments of the university. As soon as it was established , the university had to establish The Deanship of Admission and Registration to organize and facilitate More..

Vision, Mission, Objectives آخر تحديث 7/6/2020 1:29:10 PM


The Registration and Admission Deanship admires to be distinctive in admission and registration and community services regionally and locally based on global quality standards.


Admission and Registration deanship at Al-Aqsa university aims at providing the best services of admission, registration, archive, data storage and community service through developing human resources and material in addition to the ideal employment of communication and information technology. The deanship is committed in achieving its mission to Arab and Islamic culture, principles of human rights that include responsibility law rule, transparency, respect forgiveness, justice, equality and partnership of stakeholders.


- Following the best methods of admitting and guiding student to follow up their university study with what is suitable to their personal abilities.

- Warning students with study systems and regulations through different methods.

-Developing measures and systems of admission and registration and developing the necessary methods for this.

-Developing electronic services to students so that they can follow up their academic affairs personally.

-Developing the techniques of graduates department to ensure the ease of graduation procedures.

- Computerizing all models of registration, admission, storage, archive of data and documents electronically.

- Submitting all information and statistics relevant to students to the concerned upon request.

- Exchange of experiences re-admission with the local and regional universities.

- Developing the human resource of admission and registration through specialized courses.

- Developing the registration and admission buildings and equipping them with the latest facilities.

- Giving motivations and gifts to employees to guarantee the continuity of profession and productivity of work.

- Founding a special computer unit for the deanship for immediate solving the problems relevant to registration process.