Faculty of Education

Faculty Council آخر تحديث 7/18/2024 12:38:44 PM

The dean of the faculty, his assistants, and the heads of the academic departments of the faculty make up the Council of the Faculty of Education at Al-Aqsa University. They are:




Dean of Faculty

Prof. Dr. Fouad I. Ayad

Assistant Dean of Faculty

Dr. Akram S. Wadi

Head of Department of Curriculum and Teaching

Prof. Dr. Abd AL-Karim M. Faraj Allah

Head of Department of Psychology

Dr. Abdullah A. Al-Khatib

Head of Department of Fundamentals of Education and Educational Administration

Dr. Imad A. Al-Hadidi

Head of Educational Supervision Department - Gaza

Dr. Hana M. Najy

Head of Educational Supervision Department - Khan Yunis

Dr. Asaad H. Atwan



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