Ghassan I. Harb

نبذة تعريفية باللغة الإنجليزية

Who am I?

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I am a Palestinian academic born in Gaza and a distinguished researcher in applied mathematics, obtained a professorship in mathematics and mathematical physics.

Date & Place of Birth December 02, 1970
Residence Palestine
Phone 00970-8-2641622



Courses taught





Year : 2016 ,

Year : 2004Institute of Arab Research & studies ,



Art of Writing Drama 1

Propaganda & Psychological War

Specialized Topics in Journalism

Israeli Press

Writing for Radio and Television (2)

Program Course Planning

International Journalism

Palstinian Media

Introduction to Radio & T.V

Media Documentation and Information Systems

Media Research Methods

The Principles of Journalistic Writing

Broadcasts and specialized channels

Measurement Methods of Public Opinion

Journalism Editing 1

Graduate Research Project Information

Media of Writting

Designing and directing the press advertisement

Art of Writing for Press 2

Propaganda and the Psychological Warfare

Political Communication

The Origins and Means of Communication and Development

Specialized Journalism

Analysis & Criticism Broadcast Work

International Media Studies

Media Ethics

Production of Programmes

Investigative Journalism

Designing & Directing of Advertisment

Production of Printed Materials

Media & Society

Media Legislations

Journalism Graduation Research Project


Journalism Directing

Introduction to Art of Broadcasting

News Agencies

Israeli Media

Planning of Program Periods

Communication Theories

Introduction of Political Science

Introduction to Media

Communication Skills

Media Production

Journalstic Advertisement

Journalism Campaign

Media documentation and electronic archiving

Introduction to Radio and Television

Media Compaign

New Journalism

Magazines Press

Journalistic Editing 2

Practical Training in Public Relations

Management of Press Institutions

Introduction to Public Relations

Introduction to Journalism

Media Training 1 Press

Media Politicies

Radio Production


Palestinian Radio and Society

Media Training 2 Press

Graduation Research in Radio & T.V

Media Production for Public Relations

Production & Design Press Publication

Management of Media Institutions

Communication & its Theories

Public Opinion & Means of its Measure

Documentary Film

Communication Skills of Arrangement

Public Opinion & its Measurement

Media Criticism

Public Relations and Communications ( except Mass media studants )

Art of Persuasion

Computer Uses in press

Journal Direction

International Relations

News and News Programs

Media & Development

National & International Channels


09/11/2021 -

Dean Faculty of Mass Communication

23/04/2017 - - 09/11/2021

Head of -

11/09/2006 - - 10/09/2007

Assistant Dean Faculty of Media