Mahmoud N. Al Natour

A community activist and consultant in life skills and labor market skills, he specializes in education and the sports field. He works to provide, display and exchange experiences through modern, high-quality training methods and techniques that serve and achieve the goals of the projects through which he works to provide advisory interventions to institutions, local, Arab and international. He has Many international memberships in the same field. He is a certified lecturer in the field of awareness, community initiatives and activities, preparation for the labor market, life skills and active learning. He holds a doctorate in physical education. He has many studies and research in youth, community, scouting, sports and recreational work. He works continuously to organize graduation festivals. For universities, he recently worked on supervising the organization of the TEDx conference for the seventh edition of the Tamayoz project for the benefit of the Sharek Forum, and he worked on organizing MUN for the benefit of the Al Fakhoora project implemented through the Center for Developmental Action Together.

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I am a Palestinian academic born in Gaza and a distinguished researcher in applied mathematics, obtained a professorship in mathematics and mathematical physics.

Date & Place of Birth December 02, 1970
Residence Palestine
Phone 00970-8-2641622



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Sports Shows

Modern management in sports field

Physical Exercises 2

Physical Exercises 1

Introduction to The Sport Education

School Sports

Elective Sports -2

Camps & Tents

Teaching Strategies Physical Education


Principles of Curriculum (Sport)

Sports & its teaching strategies

Principles of Physical Education

Sport Mnagement

Physical Education Management

Small Games


Sports Showing

Sports Media

Camps and scout education


Sport Education


07/12/2021 -

Manager Deanship of Cntinuing Education and Community Service

05/04/2020 - - 14/02/2021

Head of Department of Physical Education