Environment Sustainability

Environment Sustainability

  I'm delighted to welcome you to the website of the Commission on Sustainable University environment at Al-Aqsa University.  In the last years, the global attention has been increased by the concepts of sustainability and the green environment. Sustainability means to use whatever is available from the knowledge and skills for development and exploitation of the local a More..

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Students Forum for sustainability AT Al-Aqsa University:                        

Heba Abed Allah Eslaieh

Zainab Saber Abu Sabet

Doaa Abed Arazaq Abu Jamea

Islam Saed Abu Setta

Doha Youssef Abu Raida

Suzan Talat Ibrahim Msabeh

Emad Mohamad Al-abadla

Anas Ibrahim Abu Redwan

Amani El-owadi

Sahar Al-Baghdade

Besan Ashour

Samar Adaur

Yasmeen Araai

Wafaa Al-Mghari

Forum Objectives:
- Change the university environment by creating green landscape and reducing the power consumption.
- Raise awareness among students in terms of protecting natural resources and educate them about risks result from environment pollution.
- Coordinate with all ministries and concerned authorities in the realm of experience exchange and environment protection's activities.
-Hold symposia, conduct researches and issue magazines and leaflets via visual and audible mass media in association with environment experts.
- Hold annual celebrations on the occasion of the Earth Day through a set of environmental activities.
- Achieve environment balance inside the university.
-Provide youth with environmental culture and develop their skills in environmental voluntary work .

Forum Expected Activities:
- Form open environment club for all students of the university.
- Display documentary environmental films go around agriculture, Palestinian plants, recycle process, risks of burning refuse and agriculture and planting methods on building's roofs .
- hold lectures and symposia to rise student's awareness on the significance of environment and green universities.
- Hold a forestation campaign inside and outside the university to provide balance among the environment components.
- Distribute posters and leaflets and carry out interviews about how important to direct more care to environment.
- Encourage students to share in environmental initiatives, such as Think of Others or Clean Environment and Better life,  through activities to be held inside and outside the university .
- Hold contests among the various educational institutions to select the best project related to the establishment of a green university.
- Carry out trips to places marked with green landscape to widen the student's awareness on green universities.
- Coordinate with Arab universities for reaping benefits from their experiences such as Lebanon, Jordan and Arab Gulf.