Graduate Studies & Scientific Resarch

Graduate Studies & Scientific Resarch

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Vision, Message & Goals Last Update 1/19/2016 10:31:28 AM




We aspire to be a  distinguished university locally and regionally  in improving   the quality of scientific journals  and graduate studies to meet the needs of the community in accordance with the overall quality standards



The Deanship of Graduate Studies and Scientific  Research at Al-Aqsa University aims to develop an appropriate environment to support , promote and encourage scientific research  throughout developing distinct postgraduate programs , and supporting research and studies, writing and translation. The Deanship also seeks to  establish partnerships with local and regional community institutions to  exchange knowledge and expertise to meet the needs of the community . The Deanship is committed to achieving  its vision through adopting Arab and Islamic values, and the principles of human rights , which include the responsibility and commitment to the rule of law, transparency , respect, tolerance, justice , and equality , and  partnership with stakeholders.


The Deanship is committed to 

1-  promoting and stimulating research  among staff members and students , and providing an appropriate environment and directing researchers towards the most useful scientific research to meet the needs of the community.


2- improving the quality of research skills of staff members and students.


3-  encouraging publication in peer-reviewed international journals and participating in specialized scientific conferences.


4- supporting conferences and workshops related to the issues and needs of the community.


5- directing scientific research and graduate programs to serve the issues and needs of the community.

6- keeping up with contemporary scientific developments and  continuing plans development for postgraduate studies.


7- improving the quality of graduate programs in collaboration with academic departments.


9- establishing a complete database about scientific research , researchers and theses  of Graduate Studies and graduation projects and made them available to all.


10-  providing the necessary funding for scientific research . Creating  efficient researchers , and providing them with opportunities to acquire the necessary expertise.


11- Establishing a real organizational and technical partnership between universities and development  sectors , production sectors, and sectors of various services.