Dean of Planning and Development

Dean of Planning and Development

Message of the Deanery Last Update 1/19/2016 10:31:28 AM

 I would welcome you in the offical homepage of the Deanship of Planning and Development  at Al-Aqsa University (DPD) ; hoping that you will find useful information about the deanship; its functions; organizational structure; developmental projects as well as the publications and advertisements.

Significantly ,the DPD  is but the vein of the university as it has an essential role in working out the developing and planning policy for the university in accordance with the polices  adopted by the University Board .The DPD takes in its shoulder the responsility of accomplishing the following tasks :


*Follow-up the works of the strategic plan of the university as well as its   programs and implementation .

*Preapre  proposals for development projects on behalf of the university .

* Lead the marketing process for developmemnt projects, seeking fundraising  as well as mointairing their implementaion .

* Conduct developmental intiatives either on academic or admininstrative domianes.

* Provid  advisory services for the colleges of the university particulairly , and   whaterever projects suggested to improve the performance of the university in general .

                               ,,,, Wishing to hearing your suggestions ,,,,,


                                                                          Dr. Hassan  EL-Najjar