Dean of Planning and Development

Dean of Planning and Development

Vision, Mission and Objectives Last Update 1/19/2016 10:31:28 AM


    Leadership and excellence in university planning and development to support the position of the university locally, regionally and internationally.



       Deanship of  Planning and Development  seeks to achieve excellence in the field of academic and administrative development, to improve the learning environment at the university and  to bring  developmental projects for the University into  their existence . Significantly, the  Deanship  of  Planning and Development   is committed in accomplishing  its mission of the  Arab and Islamic culture as well as  principles of respect, leadership and creativity.


Planning& Developing Objectives:

 -Contribute to the development of the strategic plan of the university for the  coming years as well as to its implementation.

- Capacity building of the human cadre whether at the academic, administrative or technical levels.

- Develop the university at the urban level.

- Maintain solid relationships with local society institutions.

- Enhanc cooperation and coordination with local, Arab and foreign   universities .   

- Build-up and maintaine solid cooperation and coordination with donors.