Administrative and Financial Affairs

Administrative and Financial Affairs

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Procurement and Supplies Last Update 1/19/2016 10:31:28 AM


Seeks to be distinguished  locally and regionally  in  providing  logistical support  for  the   university  components   according to the quality standards.


Supplies  and  Procurement  Service  is a subsidiary department of Administrative and Financial Affairs,  it  aims at  provide  supplies and potential  at  the suitable time  with the  right price and to serve the various  components   at the University and establish  new  warehouses according  development Systems. Also it's committed to  Arab, Islamic  and human rights principles through the realization of its  vision culture, that include responsibility, and  commitment to the law, transparency, respect, tolerance, justice, equality, empowerment and participation with corporation.


1 - Maintaining the  assets  of  the  university.
2 – arrange the  receiving  items  and checked  it to be  sure about  the quantity  and compliance  with the  required  specifications.
3 - deliver all needs of  all departments and centers  at the university.
4 - protect the appropriate  stock  in warehouses which  meets the needs of the university.