Administrative and Financial Affairs

Administrative and Financial Affairs

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Financial Control Unit Last Update 1/19/2016 10:31:28 AM

Seeks to be distinguished  locally and regionally in the areas of financial management and internal control according to the  quality standards.
Financial Control Unit is one of the departments of the administrative and financial affairs  and follow directly to the presidency of the University, also it aims to provide the  senior management with  reports which  contains the information which needed to get the  guarantee and demonstrate that the university systems, plans and policies and goals  are achieved according to its principles and goals. Financial Control Unit is committed to Arab, Islamic culture , and human rights principles that include responsibility, and
comply with the law, simplicity, respect, tolerance, justice, equality, empowerment  and  participation with corporation .


Financial Control Unit  aims to achieve two main goals:
1. ??????? to ensure and confirm that the specific goals  of  the university if it has been achieved according to  the strategic plan ,policies, rules and related regulations .

2. Provide the senior management at the University of reports which  contains  information  about what is happening at the university  for the purposes of monitoring , evaluation and responsibility.