Administrative and Financial Affairs

Administrative and Financial Affairs

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Engineering Department Last Update 1/19/2016 10:31:28 AM


 Engineering Department Seeks to be distinguished locally and regionally in providing services ,and in engineering and technical consulting according to the comprehensive quality standards.


Engineering Department, that belongs to the Administrative and Financial Affairs, aims to provide engineering services for follow-up projects and prepare for future projects on scientific infrastructure  through applying of the international standards  and standards of adoption of universities establishment , in addition to supervise on  the maintenance of university buildings to maintain the durability and visibility in a brightness way . And Engineering Department also realize the vision of Arab culture, Islamic, and human rights principles that include responsibility, and commitment to the rule of law, transparency, respect, tolerance, justice, equality, empowerment and participation of corporate.


 1. Provide expertise and consultation for various departments and colleges at the university in line with the nature of the department in order to support their effectiveness.

2. Support the university participation in planning to complete the structural plan of the campus and the preparation of engineering plans for it and overseeing the implementation of the university buildings.