Environment Sustainability

Environment Sustainability

  I'm delighted to welcome you to the website of the Commission on Sustainable University environment at Al-Aqsa University.  In the last years, the global attention has been increased by the concepts of sustainability and the green environment. Sustainability means to use whatever is available from the knowledge and skills for development and exploitation of the local available resources optimally, and reserva More..

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Strategic goals of the University towards sustainable university environment

University works to achieve a healthy and a better educational environment to reach urban orientation towards sustainability concepts at all levels  through:-

- Providing interior healthy environment through the use of building materials which do not emit what harms human or university environment, and achieve good ventilation in addition to use  plants and vegetation that helps to get rid of carbon dioxide.
- Efficient use of energy sources in the cooling , heating , lighting and other uses , through  efficient solutions which achieve human comfort thermal with naturalistic style with the  least amount of energy, in addition use the renewable energy sources to have clean electric power which necessary to improve the university environment.
- Use of building materials which be a friend with environment that  can be reused more than once and produced by  raw materials from the natural environment, such as clay, wood and others , as long as the consumption of them do not harm the earth's natural environment, and benefit from the advantages of the various trees and plants such as shading and improve the university environment.
- The formation of urban must be suitable with the university environment from where : geographical location and different climatic conditions  so that  it can reduce the need for energy to achieve local thermal environment for human thermal comfort , also it should achieve harmony with the site and its surroundings, whether natural or producing by human.
- Buildings of the university must be efficient to a achieve social and religious requirements for users , as well as values and spiritual principles must be studied until Urban buildings appropriate to the requirements of the residents.
- Increase the awareness of workers at the University of the concepts of sustainability and green environment through :firstly, The issuance of brochures and held workshops and seminars secondly,  form a private student groups for environmentally sustainable university thirdly, work to Instructs consumption of energy and reduce transport that  pollute environment  and activating the movement of pedestrians finally, reduce car traffic in the university.