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Vision, Mission, and Aims آخر تحديث 1/8/2019 11:37:43 AM


The Deanship of Higher Studies and Scientific  Research aspires to be distinguished among the local and regional universities in developing the quality of the scientific research and higher studies fields in order to meet the needs of the Palestinian society according to the comprehensive quality standards.


The Deanship of Higher Studies and Scientific  Research at Al-Aqsa University aims at developing a suitable environment to support, enhance and encourage the scientific research through developing significant higher Studies programs, supporting researchers , research studies,  writing , translation and  forging mutual  partnerships with the local and regional institutions of the society to exchange knowledge and experience to meet the needs of the society. While achieving its vision, the Deanship keeps in consideration the Arabic and Islamic culture, respect of human rights, abiding by the rule of law, transparency, respect, tolerance, justice, equality and engaging with stakeholders.


1-Enhancing and motivating the culture of scientific research among the academic staff and students, as well as providing a suitable environment, and directing researchers toward the most useful scientific researches that match the society needs.

2-Improving the quality of research skills among the academic staff and students.

3-Encouraging publishing in the international indexed and peer-reviewed fields and participating in the specialized scientific conferences.

4-Supporting holding conferences, and workshops related to society issues and needs

5-Supervising scientific research and higher studies programs to serve society issues and needs

6-Keeping up with the scientific contemporary updates, and improving higher studies plans regularly.

7-Improving the higher studies quality in collaboration with the Academic Departments.

8-Establishing a complete database about scientific researches, researchers, higher studies theses, and graduation projects in addition to make it available for all.

9-Providing financial support for scientific research, training the competent researcher staff, and providing them with suitable chances to acquire the needed experience.

10-Establishing an actual, organizational, substantive partnership among universities and different sectors of development, production and services.