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Speech of Vice President for Graduate Studies & Scientific Research آخر تحديث 6/12/2019 1:03:47 PM

The deanship of graduate studies handles the most important tasks in order to serve the Palestinian community; therefore, two important files are managed by the deanship, which are:

1- Graduate studies:

Al-Aqsa University is a pioneer in the program of graduate studies (Master’s degree and Doctorate) in order to fulfill our community’s need for highly competent individuals and the university has contributed to developing the education system and graduating academics through a joint program with Ain Shams University in Egypt, and the number of those carrying a masters degree is. The university has also created various new graduate programs including education management, Arabic language, psychological counseling, Chemistry…etc.,

Al-Aqsa University constantly works on getting new programs accredited and expand its graduate studies, especially since Al-Aqsa university offers programs at a cost lower by 40% than other Palestinian Universities, which makes getting a degree possible for a larger part of our society.

2- Scientific research:

Al-Aqsa University believes in the importance of scientific research and its role in the advancement of societies; on that principle, the deanship of graduate studies and scientific research, in coordination with other departments and deanships, supervises scientific research, and holds workshops and seminars, and supervises on the publishing of the university’s magazine, which has two editions; one is of pure sciences and applied sciences, the other of humanistic sciences and education. Each of these magazines has received an ISSR number, which made it easier to be published on an international level. These two magazines are published twice a year.

The deanship also provides support for researchers by providing the required facilities in addition to financial support and opportunities for researchers to participate in international conferences. The deanship is responsible for giving promotions to the academic staff through impartial committees.

The deanship aspires to publish its scientific magazine four times a year and works toward publishing a magazine for psychology and educational sciences.