Alaqsa University


Vision & Mission آخر تحديث 11/13/2017 1:39:40 PM


Al – Aqsa university is striving to be distinguished among Palestinian and regional universities in all fields of academic studies, scientific research and community service based on the comprehensive high quality culture

Al – Aqsa university is a Palestinian government institution of higher education which aims at preparing a person provided with knowledge, skills and values and having the ability of continuing education and utilizing information technology through capacity- building programs, university education, scientific research and community development and service. In the course of achieving its view, Al- Aqsa university is truly committed to Arabic and Islamic Culture and the principles of human rights which include responsibility, compliance with the rule of law, transparency, respect, tolerance, justice, equality, consolidation and participation of all concerned parties

Strategic Goals:
The university tries hard to spread knowledge and deepen its roots, and serve and develop the Palestinian community in particular and the Arabic and human community in general within the framework of a philosophy based on national concepts and the heritage of Arabic and Islamic civilization and tries to achieve this objective through the following:
•    Enhancement of the institutional development of Al-Aqsa university through the improvement of the adequacy of the reinforcement supporting the teaching- learning process, scientific research and community service.
•    Improvement of the quality of academic programs in the university through the provision of effective teaching- learning environment.
•    Participation in improving knowledge and understanding as a basis of supporting  the adoption of decisions and policy making, regarding the issues of Al-Aqsa university and the Palestinian community through networking with educational and research institutions  and centers and civil community institutions at local, regional and global levels.
•    Participation in the process of the continuous development of the Palestinian society by providing educational, training , research and consultation services as well as voluntary work Jointly with official institutions and the institutions of the civil community and the private sector.
•    The development of a medium professional educational system based on distinction and proficiency and meets the developmental requirements of the community