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The impact of population growth on agricultural lands in Gaza governorate
A.Ramy Ajeen
Al-Aqsa University Journal (Humanities Series) 26(1). pp.127-154.(2022)
Rami A. Abu Al-Ajeen
On the Occurrence and Damage of the Invasive Nutria (Myocastor coypus Molina, 1782) in Palestine
Abdel Fattah Abd Rabou, A.Ramy Ajeen
https://iujas.israa.edu.ps/Fileproject/Files/Journal/voulm/pdffile/2021103013847.pdf 5(1). pp.1-39.(2021)
Abd Rabou	Abdel Fattah		Rami A. Abu Al-Ajeen
Characterizing seasonal residential water use in the Khan Younis Governorate using Landsat 8 – Derived land surface temperature
Al-Aqsa University Al-Aqsa University, Jonny Jonny, Batelaan Batelaan
IEEE international Journal 2020(2020). .(2020)
Wiesam A. EssaJonny	Jonny		Batelaan	Batelaan